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DecidingNebula Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017
Anyone willing? Provided you are within the rules of course.…
homeboy8221 Featured By Owner May 23, 2017  Student Artist
looking for hypno rpers who are 18+, please note me
marco444 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017
I'm looking for someone to rp:…
Nashi-Hime Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello everyone! I am in dire need of admins for my Warrior based rp group.
Take a look if you are interested!
Tryout journal!
SempiternalLights Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016
Hello! I'm currently looking for a long term Role-player for the following fandoms: 
  .【 Fandoms 】. Rose = Craving ||  Pixel Rose - White version = Ask me about it / Maybe 
Rose Five nights at Freddys/FNAF     Pixel Rose - White version  Star Vs The Forces of Evil        Rose Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Rose Undertale                               Pixel Rose - White version  Miraculous Ladybug                 Rose Mogeko Castle
Rose Gravity Falls                          Pixel Rose - White version Don't hug me i'm scared/DHMIS
Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4]salmon heart bullet.Please read my rules before contacting me! .salmon heart bulletBunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4]
【 Format 】 Paragraph form and in third person past tense~

 Spelling & Grammar】As long as i can understand you, we'll be ok! I'm fine with the occasional typo. 

【 Length 】I'm very flexible with length, however and can write a lot more than a paragraph if given a chance, but i am aware some people don't tend to write as much as i do. So, i'd love a paragraph that consists of 7 sentences and more, but minimal would be 7.

【 Reply rate 】I try responding a few times per week and i expect the same thing from you. At least 1-2 responses per week will be enough to make me happy.

【 Location  】I'll only RP through DA notes! 

 Limitations 】I will NOT Rp anything involving sexual content, Fetishes, or anything similar to that. Let me know what are YOUR limits, just so i don't include anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Few things i want to add: 
Rose I'm ok with all sexualities regarding pairings, there's no discriminating here~ Girl x Boy, Boy x Boy , or Girl x Girl. I'm a CANON X CANON Rper, however, for any pairings.

Rose Please don't force anything onto the characters i'm Rping as. 

Please don't contact me and get my hopes up and before we even get to role-play(or when we are role-playing), You disappear from the face of earth.  AKA; dropping the role-play simply because you lost interest without telling me. Tell me if you lose interest at anytime-- I promise i won't get mad at you. I'm pretty understanding with these things and chances are, we'll still be cool with each other afterwards. 

Rose This is obvious, but no powerplay/meta-gaming, please! 

Rose Sometimes, I may not receive your note or i might've read it automatically and forgot to respond to it. Feel free to send me another note if you've noticed you haven't gotten anything from me in a few days(or a small reminder). 

Rose Send me a example post on how you RP. This is optional but i'd really like it if you did, because i'll have an idea on what kind of Rper you are, and to see if you and me will be compatible. 
XGrim-GhostX Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Student Writer
Looking for an RP~

Pairing types: M x M or F x F (no M x F, can't write it)

-I'd prefer to keep it with OCs, but we can do one for the game Mystic Messenger, however you'll have to bare with me.

-I'd also like it if we could do this over Skype, I get on dA, but not very often.

-Please be able to speak English, I don't care if it's first language or not. At least have some basic understanding, thank you.

-I might do art for our RP, so if you don't like it when people draw your characters. Please tell me in advanced.

I don't mind being seme, however, please be kind and return the favor in the future if we're RPing still.

Please don't just quit, at least tell me if you will, because we might be able to fix it.

Things I Will NOT RP:

-Rape, anything like that
- Vore

Other than that, I think I'm pretty open. SO just ask me, and I'll be more than happy. For the first getting to know each other, just message me through notes. If I find that I would like to RP, we can exchange Skype accounts and go from there.

Hope to RP soon~
DestinyCipher Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Student Artist
Do you do Gravity Falls Rps?
Lovely-Goats-n-Gore Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Hello there HeartPixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose 

Im looking for a walking dead roleplay 

Must have good grammer and decent spelling, you need to be good with story lines and plots, you need to rp like this....

for example "Tesla: *walks around looking for Jamie* where the hell did he go..."

And for the love of god PLEASE no OP characters or characters with powers!

Anyways you also need to at least follow this story line a little

(( this is just notes I got done, I dont have any pages done with the story just yet )) 

When young she had close feelings to her father and less to her mother, she hated her grandfather cause he would always get drunk and hurt her in away way he can, when 18 about to move out and away from her family the zombie apocalypse starts and the army was forced to brake into the house killing bother her grandfather and parents, Tesla runs to the motorcycle outside starts it and head to Atlanta, The army started blowing up the buildings in Atlanta so Tesla starts driving out but stopping on a highway without gas, days of camping out there, Merle and Daryl were on there way to Atlanta and end up crossing paths with Tesla, Merle wanted to kill Tesla for her stuff but Daryl said that it was best to keep her for backup, Tesla became a BIG part of the team for a while, after days of being in Atlanta they head back to the highway where they met Tesla, a gun shot was heard and so were a couple of screams, Merle Daryl and Tesla looked over a car to see a horde of walkers walking on the highway, like a dumb ass Merle yelled "run" vary loudly and they started running after them, the run into the woods but stop being sounded by walkers, Daryl panicked and shot Tesla by accident, Daryl and Merle think she is dead and make a run for it

Also this rp starts BEFORE the zombie apocalypse 

Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose So if you'd like to rp PLEASE just note me or reply to me herePixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose Pixel Rose 
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